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The position of hopes and fears

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I'm a child of the 20th century, born and raised in Manhattan by Bohemian parents (both were artists), a mixture of recent immigrants from Austria and descendants of Anglos who fought in the American Revolution (and had slaves). My schooling was free but good (Hunter, Music and Art H.S.) and my college was all female, to the great advantage of its students. Columbia wouldn't take me for its brand new African Studies program, so I took the Peace Corps test and spent two years teaching in Nigeria, right after independence and before the civil war in the country.

Got home, hated it, taught for a bit, married, and we moved out to New Mexico and have lived there ever since -- not in fancy Santa Fe, but in workaday Albuquerque, where we live in an old neighborhood between Downtown and the University, right in the middle of town.

I write down my dreams and have what appears to be a good source of good interpretations, which along with some other experiences has persuaded me that we don't just go around once in life, but many times, so that in any given life we have old friends everywhere. However, I do draw the line at most New Age silliness (as I define it), as well as all forms of dogma, which I consider the enemy of any form of sane, humane thinking. I can't deny a passionate loathing of Right Wingers (in any form in any country including my own), even though I hold tolerance as a value (acceptance is better, but that's just not gonna happen).

That's more or less who I am; here's what I do:

I'm a sci-fi/fantasy author, publishing since 1974, living with husband and cats for the past 40 years in New Mexico. I teach and lecture when I get the opportunity, spend more time than I like to at the gym, and travel to several SF conventions each year (often including including Wiscon, World Fantasy Con, Readercon, Potlatch, and an alternative academic convention called IAFA in Florida). Then there are visits to kids and grandkids, and the occasional jaunt out of the country, usually with my husband, a retired attorney.

Right now, I'm working on a novel and two stories, and hoping for a movie sale for my biggest success in fiction, "The Vampire Tapestry", a novel that's been in print (mostly) since 1980 and under movie options for much of that time. Jeremy Irons, where are you?

Interests (15):

adult drama/comedy/freeform, animal psychology and behavior, chamber music, economic and cultural history, fantasy, film scores, human folly, indie pop, mysteries, needlepoint, non-fiction, politics, sf, spiritualism, travel
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